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If you're stuck in the rat race doing something you don't love, or even if you've already dipped your toe into homesteading and family farming, it can be daunting to actually achieve a fulfilling, self-reliant lifestyle. One where you actually earn money from self-sufficiency rather than throwing money at it. But, over time, I've found strategies and methods that enable me to live the secure, self-reliant lifestyle I love, and I share these solutions with folks who want the same kind of life.

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SERIES: How to Make Money With Your Land (Livestock)

This is the first in a series of articles I'll be posting on ways you can generate income with your land. The Big Stock Market No, I am not talking about the New York Stock Exchange big board. Rather, I'm talking about the big-time live(stock) market. For most homesteaders this means cows, but it could mean…

The Deadly Grip of Normalcy Bias

Like most people who take preparedness seriously, I give no thought to zombies, prophecies, or asteroids. I do, however, give a lot of thought to ensuring I have what my family needs to survive. Namely, safety and enough food, water, shelter, money and skills so that we can thrive if times get tough, but especially…

Creating an Email Customer List – Tips for Small Farmers

One of the challenges I hear most often expressed from small farmers and homestead businesses (really any small business, actually), is how difficult it is to create an email list of potential customers. In fact, when I created a survey in my farm marketing group on Facebook, members rated "building a customer list" as the…

Farm Marketing Group

If you operate a sustainable or organic farm, farmers market, local food restaurant or gourmet shop, you know how hard it is to build a customer base. Most of us don't have training in the critical aspects of marketing...things like copywriting, graphic design, building email lists and social media marketing. That's why I've created a…

Solar Cooking With the GoSun Sport

One of the many needs that preparedness-minded folks hope to preserve in a world without electricity is the ability to cook food. In that regard, there are several options, including cooking over a wood fire and storing propane to fuel camp stoves, but those options require that we expend energy or money to supply a…
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    Are you a weapon of mass consumption? Learn 30 great ways that homesteading can save you money and give you a better, more fulfilling life.

  • 10 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Rural Property

    Don’t just up and move to the country without answering these critical questions. After all, this is the move of (and for) a lifetime!

  • The Homestead Entrepreneur Life Plan - A Blueprint to Help You Achieve Your Homestead Dreams

    Too many people “wish” for things…like wishing they were more self-sufficient. What they need is some help… a friendly nudge to get them going. The Homestead Entrepreneurial Life Plan (HELP) is a simple tool that can help make your homestead dreams come true!

  • 19 Ways to Become Self-Reliant Without Owning Land

    Sure, it’s easier to become self sufficient if you have acreage, but what if you’re stuck in a tiny city apartment or a subdivision with an unaccomodating HOA? This ebook provides tips to embrace self-reliance, wherever you are.

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If you would like to escape the rat race and enjoy a self-reliant lifestyle, this book will show you the way! From how others got out of debt, to what to consider before buying land, to the critical steps to take when setting up a sustainable homestead or farmstead business, this book details the strategies that will save you money, generate income and put you on the path to self-sufficiency.




You don’t like to think about it, but deep down you know it can happen.

Disaster can strike without warning, leaving your family without water, food, or electricity, and without medical or police support. How will you survive when that happens? Read Start Prepping! now and give yourself some peace of mind—because the day after disaster strikes, it’ll be too late.




Today’s children can recognize over 1,000 corporate logos but can’t identify 10 plants native to their region. They live in an artificial world—one where they spend less than seven minutes per day playing outdoors and over seven hours per day staring at a digital device. But the threats our children face are real, from random violence and terrorism to natural, manmade, and accidental disasters.




When Tim and Liz Young decided to leave their comfortable suburban life and become first-time farmers in rural Georgia, they embarked on a journey that would change their lives. The Accidental Farmers reveals how the couple learned that hamburgers, bacon, and eggs don’t come from the supermarket but from real animals that forge emotional bonds with their human caretakers.



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