When to Start Marketing Your “Future” Farm or Small Business

Perhaps you’re planning a move down the road to a homestead. Or a home-based business to support a more self-sufficient lifestyle. You haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but you’re committed to leaving the rat race and producing your own income. If you’re curious when to start marketing your “future” farm, homestead or online business, here’s the answer.

when to start marketing


30 Ways to save money on your journey to self-sufficiency

I often hear the question, “Can you make a living as a farmer, prepper, or homesteader?” Sometimes the question is more revealing than any answer I could provide, for it fails to consider one of the most obvious benefits of homesteading: homesteaders have far more opportunities to eliminate or reduce expenses than most consumers do.

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Here are 30 great tips to save you lots of money on your homesteading adventure.

Homestead Income Opportunity: Agritourism & Farm Events

Agritourism is an area that has been growing. I expect this to continue even if economic conditions are soft, for it is not only YOU who is being called to the land. We are all becoming more aware of how disconnected we are from our natural world, a problem exacerbated daily as each old pasture morphs in the night to become a morning sub-division or parking lot.


Can you not imagine a soon-to-be-married couple wanting to have their wedding overlooking your beautiful pastures, ponds, and happy animals? I
can, and they will pay well for it, because competitive alternatives also charge good money for the service. But ask yourself if this is a one-time, seasonal or continuous opportunity? Perhaps it is seasonal, but you could use the same facilities for corporate retreats and other events as well.

What Modern Homesteaders Really Want

The idea of homesteading is not a new one as many newly minted “modern homesteaders” will point out.  After all, as a species we humans seemingly mastered the art of living off the land long ago. We mastered fire, clothed ourselves, and even preserved the food we figured out how to grow so it could later nourish us.

modern homesteaders

These were remarkable advancements, but we didn’t stop there.

Mankind continually “evolved” to become more “leisurely.” We abandoned hunting skills, opting instead to crowd tens of thousands of animals into small yards and houses. Then, we dosed the animals’ feed with antibiotics so they would live long enough to reach slaughter weight.

We traded fire for HVAC systems to the point where most people today have trouble starting a fire. We abdicated growing and preserving food at home to mega-farms and large corporations. Those vital skills have become near extinct for most citizens.

If you don’t think so, ask yourself this: when was the last time you made soap or operated a pressure canner?

How to Smoke Cheese at Home

I bet you love cheese. Heck, almost everyone does. But have you ever had smoked cheese?

smoke cheese

As some of you know, I love making cheese. I made it professionally as an artisanal cheese artisan cheesemaker for years and love making it at home. If you’re new to homesteading projects, it may seem challenging to make anything on your own. But just as I’ve learned how easy it is to cure bacon, make soap and render lard, I discovered years ago how easy it is to make cheese. I mean–folks figured this out centuries ago, right? Why should we think these things are “beyond us” today?