How to Create a Farm Marketing Website that Converts

Let’s be honest. Marketing is a tough chore for owners of small farms and all food businesses.

Many websites are simply used as outdated online brochures, filled with distorted logos and images. They’re rarely updated and often use generic text that reads like every other farm or food website.

I get it…marketing isn’t your “thing” and you have lots of other stuff to do.

farm marketing websiteBut let’s be clear…nothing is more important to the success of your small farm or food business than marketing.


Because effective marketing brings in customers and, if you don’t have customers, what’s the point?

Where most websites fail (farm or otherwise) is that they are not designed with the most important goal in mind. And that is, conversion. Converting visitors to subscribers and converting subscribers to paying customers.

And conversion starts with having a website that attracts visitors. This guide will show you how to create a website that does just that for your farm and entices visitors into a relationship with you.

And, truth be told, this guide is a great tool regardless of what type of business you own, because 95% of farm and food marketing is the same as any other business to consumer marketing.

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Season 1: Episode 26: 10 Survival Lessons From the Great Depression | Homesteading | Farming [PODCAST]

Many people believe that The Great Depression was a hard time for all Americans, but is that true?  This week, I’ll tackle that myth and share 10 Survival Lessons from The Great Depression era.

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Season 1: Episode 25: Why “Can I Make Money Homesteading?” is the Wrong Question | Homesteading | Farming [PODCAST]

A lot of folks have asked me if they can make money farming or homesteading, but is that even the right question to ask? This week, Liz and I will share why it may not be and what we’ve learned about the financial side of a self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Season 1: Episode 22: How to Start a Farm or Homestead With No Money | Homesteading [PODCAST]

I’ve shared many stories of people who have opted out of the rat race, but some of them had saved money to do so? But what if you haven’t?

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Season 1: Episode 21: How to Start a Home-Based Rural Business | Homesteading [PODCAST]

There are a lot of people who dream of moving to the country, but they all seem to have the same question. How can I make money?  Today, I’ll give you the Entrepreneurial HELP you need to figure to start your home-based rural business.

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Podcast Survey Results

Well, it has been three months since I (Tim) launched the Self-Sufficient Life podcast. I’ve released 16 episodes, one each week, since mid-September, and I’ve used two formats for the show. The different formats are:

Format A) Episodes where I narrate stories of others who are embracing self-sufficient lifestyles. An example of this format is any of the first 12 episodes of Self-Sufficient Life. Here’s an example from episode 3:

Format B) Episodes where my wife, Liz, and I share insights into our self-sufficient lifestyle and describe why, how and what we’re doing. Here’s an example from episode 16 about moving to a new homestead.

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Season 1: Episode 14: Encore Episode | From Investment Banker & Fashion Designer to Sustainable Farmers [PODCAST]

Welcome to Episode 14 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode you’ll hear the story of how an investment banker and a fashion designer traded the glamour of Manhattan for goats and brambles in Tennessee.


Imagine being a young couple living the good life in New York. One’s an investment banker, the other’s a fashion designer and both are on their way to the top. Then, they get this wild idea–“Hey, let’s quit our jobs and move to the country to milk cows and make artisan cheese.” Only when they find their farm, it’s not what they imagined.

This is the story of starting an artisan goat soap business. Actually, the dream was to start an artisan farmstead cheese business, but one obstacle led to another and forced James and Eileen Ray down a different path as they struggled to give birth to Little Seed Farm.

If you’re into modern homesteading, self-reliance, preparedness or self-sufficiency, grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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EP1-Little Seed