Orlando Massacre: FREE Survival Mindset Book

Like many of you, I’m both overwhelmed by senseless acts of terrorism and very worried about the potential for more violence. I have a wife and young daughter, and constantly wonder where I can safely travel with them. From shootings at schools and churches to theaters and, now, nightclubs, is any place safe? And, despite the wishful 250x400Survival Mindsetthinking of many that getting rid of guns would solve the problem, it wouldn’t and it “ain’t gonna happen.”

And, despite the wishful thinking of many that getting rid of guns would solve the problem, it wouldn’t and it “ain’t gonna happen.”

So we must be prepared to take care of ourselves, and it all starts with developing a Survival Mindset.

In response to the horrific tragedy at the Pulse Nightclub, I would like to offer my book, The Survival Mindset: Situational Awareness to Avoid Violence & Survive Disasters, FREE in PDF format.

This book will help you and your family to be more prepared. I witness far too many people staring at smartphones and completely unaware of their surroundings. This book describes many ways to increase awareness and even includes alternatives to carrying firearms for those who are uncomfortable with them.

Just complete the form below. Then, check your email for your free copy. Share it with your friends and family and begin working on your situational awareness, NOW!


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